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Weaver : Naresh Story
18 Nov

Weaver : Naresh Story

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Naresh is a local Chanderi weaver for whom the entire world rests in this town of weavers. Before joining Chanderiyaan, he worked for a master weaver on his two looms installed at home, but gradually as his sons learnt the techniques of weaving, he started facing difficulties due to shortage of looms. Subsequently, this self-employed man became jobless all of a sudden as both of the looms were taken by his two sons and he had no alternate opportunity to practice his skills. One day, Naresh got the opportunity to work for a master weaver, and that proved to be an even more disastrous decision for him. Unavailability of raw materials and designs within desired time resulted in a loss of Rs. 400 – Rs. 500 every month. All this continued till the time Chanderiyaan marked its launch.

With a vision to link weavers directly with the global markets and providing maximized benefits to the weavers’ community, Chanderiyaan was launched in 2009. Naresh heard about the launch and managed to bag the opportunity of a weaving spot in the organization. This marked a new life for Naresh.

"I was fed up sitting idle at home, doing nothing. Then Chanderiyaan happened. I have been associated with Chanderiyaan for the last couple of years, and not only it made me financially more sustained, Chanderiyaan allowed me to explore my weaving skills on various different designs that I had not weft before.”

Since his association with Chanderiyaan, Naresh is able to derive optimum financial benefits and a timely process of designs and raw materials enable him to weave efficiently. Naresh wishes that Chanderiyaan associates itself with bigger organizations, and provide greater opportunities to other weavers such as him. He also envisions local Chanderiyaan centers in different places with weavers of that particular region employed there. He believes that this opportunity will provide a greater convenience to weavers as would be able to work more effectively.

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