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The Launch Of Block Printing In Chanderi
18 Nov

The Launch Of Block Printing In Chanderi

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Chanderiyaan believes in an overall development of the communities of Chanderi, envisioning an all round growth encompassing skill development, financial sustainability, and benefit of local community. Considering these factors as a fundamental to any Chanderiyaan initiative, the organization launched its section of Block Printing in Chanderi (Raj Mahal). Presently, Jaipur is the renowned hub of block printing across the nation, and a handsome business in Jaipur also comes through Chanderisarees. The master weavers of Chanderi also send 2000-2500 sarees to Jaipur for block printing every month. The process involved a financial transaction of 4-5 Lakhs, but no weaver was able to procure its sarees back before 1.5-2 months. This cumbersome and time taking process led to a significant losses in Chanderisarees business due to timely unavailability of the sarees. This concern emerged profoundly during Chanderiyaan’s initial survey and laid the foundation to initiate block printing in Chanderi. Initially, the local people of the town are being trained to understand the mechanism, operations and technicalities involved in block printing, however, once mastered, any person can easily earn Rs.200-250 per day. The effort targeted Chanderiyaan’s community development vision beautifully, with aspects of training that shall lead to skill development, employment that shall lead to financial sustainability, and block printing in Chanderi locally that shall lead to a significant cut in time consumption.

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