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Weaver : Azhar Story
18 Nov

Weaver : Azhar Story

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Dilapidated resources, unwanted delay in designs, lower wages and minimal exposure were nothing new for Azhar. He was also among the very same Chanderi weavers’ community that was utterly disturbed with its livelihood and hugely worried of its family’s sustainability. But luckily, things changed for Azhar. Informed by Chanderiyaan’s employee Anish, about the Chanderiyaan’s weaver program and an opportunity for weavers with no loom space at home, Azhar visited the center and inquired about the working style, wages and conveniences from other weavers. Taking an informed decision, Azhar joined Chanderiyaan. Today, it’s more than an year since Azhar is associated with Chanderiyaan, and he is happy for the fact that now he does not have to miss out on his earnings due to unwanted delays in design and raw materials.

“I am happy for the fact that I work on designs of a designer from an esteemed institution of India. I have never seen such designs in Chanderi. It has been an amazing experience working for Chanderiyaan.”

Azhar now wants to form a self-help group under the banner of Chanderiyaan and initiate aweavers development program to encourage people from the weaving community to come out of their comfort zone and try something new and innovative.

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