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Weaver : Musir Story
18 Nov

Weaver : Musir Story

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“I used to weave at a master weaver’s place before I came in touch with Chanderiyaan. We do not have space for looms at home; hence weaving at a master weaver’s place was the only option. I also had a monthly loss of Rs. 600-800 due to unavailability of designs and raw material in time working at those places”.

“This was Musir before his relative informed him about Chanderiyaan. Our search for weavers who did not have looms at home got us to Musir, who joined Chanderiyaan in June 2013. The association brought a significant upliftment in Musir’s life with escalated financial status, and elevated weaving skills.

“ “I managed to build my own home and now have a good savings because of timely payments and efficient process of designing and raw materials.”

“Currently, Musir is one of our prime weavers whose passion and utmost dedication for his work brings out the best from him and the same is reflected on his creations that personifies your style. Musir wishes to learn computers and computer designing. If given an opportunity, he wants to see himself as a computer designing following the steps of some of his friends and motivators from Chanderi.

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