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Weaver : Azhar Story

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Dilapidated resources, unwanted delay in designs, lower wages and minimal exposure were nothing new for Azhar. He was also among the very same Chanderi weavers’ community that was utterly disturbed with its livelihood and hugely worried of its family’s sustainability.

A Story Of A Chanderi Designer

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Meet Rahul. He has just completed his education and has been associated with Chanderiyaan since its beginning. Our family member Farooqh interacted with him on his experience with Chanderiyaan! Where were you engaged before coming in contact with Chanderiyaan?

The Launch Of Block Printing In Chanderi

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Chanderiyaan believes in an overall development of the communities of Chanderi, envisioning an all round growth encompassing skill development, financial sustainability, and benefit of local community.

A Digital Village Chanderi

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In 2008, a survey by Digital Empowerment Foundation on instigation of JyotiradityaScindia threw up distressing facts including weavers were being treated as labourers and earned a pittance; a few businessmen controlled the market; there wasn’t much demand for the products in the market and the youngsters were migrating to cities.

Weaver : Naresh Story

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Naresh is a local Chanderi weaver for whom the entire world rests in this town of weavers. Before joining Chanderiyaan, he worked for a master weaver on his two looms installed at home, but gradually as his sons learnt the techniques of weaving, he started facing difficulties due to shortage of looms.

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